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Trail: Ferion – Autaret – Utelle

As I made a lot of ski touring and Alpine ascents in the past months, I really wanted to do some trail running again. I chose a trail of 38 km with +2700m of ascent, not far from Nice. I took a very light pack hoping that I could run most of the time and […]
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Climbing: Petit Palais

After the cold of Chamonix last week, Anna and I were looking for a nice rock climbing day under the sun of the french Riviera. So, we went to the Petit Palais not far from la Turbie, a nice small cliff with 19 routes from 6c+ to 8a+. Well, it was a bit warmer than […]
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Alpinism: Arete Rochefort

For the last day of photo shoot for Berghaus and the Gore-Tex Active Shell, Anna Gatta, Jon Griffith, Will Sim and I went to the Rochefort Ridge (Arete de Rochefort). We left Torino hut early to be on the ridge before the sunrise. On the way to the “Salle a Manger”, Jon took some amazing […]
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Alpinism: Tour Ronde – North face

I went back to Chamonix for the first Berghaus athlete camp (more to come…) and stayed three days with Anna Gatta and Jon Griffith for another photo shoots for Berghaus and Gore-Tex. Friday morning we took the first cable car to Torino hut and climbed the north face of Tour Ronde in the Mont Blanc […]
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Climbing: Marches du Palais

We had enough snow yesterday (see previous post) so we skipped the mountains and went rock climbing at the Marches du Palais. Great day, we felt like in April but despite the sun, lots of holds are still wet. Routes dry: Une bonne raclĂ©e (7a+), Sur des rails (7b). Routes wet but climbable: Qui dort […]
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TĂȘte des Portettes – Motivation EncaissĂ©e

I wanted to climb a gully called Motivation EncaissĂ©e in the North face of TĂȘte des Portettes (2823m). Bad idea, it was a sunny day, no wind but way too warm, with a freezing level at 3600m. The conditions in the gully were bad; soft melting snow and a bit of fragile ice. I climbed […]
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Ski alpinism: Mont Ponset – Couloir OubliĂ©

Once again it rained up to 2400 meters two days ago which has melted the snow below 1500 m and froze the snow at high altitude. With the wind and snow falling, today I was not expecting a perfect day in the Mountains. Anyway I headed up to the Madone de Fenestre for ski touring […]
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Trail: circuit Escarene – Luceram

With the snow fall of last night and the bad weather we couldn’t go in the Mountains so we went trail running instead. We made a nice circuit starting at l’EscarĂšne close to Nice. The trail is technically easy and remains below 1100 meters of elevation, perfect for a winter training. Distance: 28 km, ascent: […]
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Alpinism: Aiguille du Midi – Cosmiques Ridge

After two ascents in the North Faces of Grande Rocheuse and Aiguille CarrĂ©e (see previous posts), Anna and I enjoyed a sunny day on the Cosmiques Ridge (ArĂȘte des Cosmiques) of Aiguille du Midi. On this first day of 2011, we were alone on the route, enjoying the perfect weather and condition on the route. […]
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