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Climbing: Dies Irae

Less than 24 hours after getting from the Kangchenjunga expedition we went to Deverse in the Gorges du Loup for a photoshot for Berghaus. I was totally exhausted after 4 routes but I could make a descent climb in Deverse Satanique and went up in Dies Irae for the photos. It was good to rock […]
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Kangchenjunga trekking back

Like always after a summit push, we all want just one thing: come back home as quickly as possible. Suddenly we can’t stand the altitude, the lack of comfort, the tent, the crap food, the ice and snow. We dream of shower, bed, fresh and good food, sparkling water… So we rush to leave the […]
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Return to Kathmandu

It’s good to be “only” at 5450m after so much time spent higher. But at the breakfast this morning we could see the fatigue on each ones face. We’re exhausted and we’ve lost so much weight that we look scary… but we’re happy anyway. No surprise that we’re tired, just looking at the last couple […]
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Philippe’s Kangchenjunga summit story

The climb Here is a first summary of the last couple of days. Philippe and Phudorjee on Kangchenjunga summit, 8586m the 19 May at 9am The initial plan was to summit on the 17th, but the weather forecast have been completely wrong and the weather very hectic: every day we had snow, then clear sky, […]
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Successful Kangchenjunga summit push!

Anna reports: I just got a phone call from Philippe at camp 4, 7700m. Philippe, Ludovic, CĂ©dric (Swiss) and 3 sherpas successfully made a camp 4-summit-camp 4 round trip this night/morning in just below 14 hours. Kangchenjunga, 8586m, is bagged! Since the first ascent in 1955, 243 climbers has reached the summit, only 3 French; […]
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Kangchenjunga summit push is on!

Satellite phone call from Alexia Wednesday pm: The team, except from Jean-Marc that already is in base camp and RĂ©gine that decided to not attempt the summit since she was too tired, has most probably already started going up the 1000m separating camp 4 with the summit as I write this at 21:00 CET. Hopefully […]
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Rest day in camp 3… Summit push Wednesday night!

Satellite phone call from Alexia Tuesday pm: To make sure the team has as much chance as possible for a successful summit push, they decided to stay an additional day in camp 3 at 7100m. The wind is far too strong to move up already and it looks like the night between 18-19 is calmer. […]
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Go up? Go down? Wind is not calming down…

Satellite phone call from Benoit Monday pm: The team is now well established in camp 3 on 7100m altitude. Jean-Marc, who didn’t fancy too much the development of the situation, went back down to base camp in the afternoon. As for the others in camp 3, they are in great shape but concerned about the […]
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Moving up to camp 3

Satellite phone call from Alexia Sunday pm: After having spent two rest days at camp 2, tomorrow, the whole team is moving up to camp 3, 7200 m. As always, the weather reports gets more and more precise the closer you get to the summit attempt and they are analyzing the weather, changing dates if […]
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Weather window has moved: 18-19 May

Above C2. © Ludovic Challeat Satellite phone call from Ludo Saturday pm: As planned, the whole team is now gathered in Camp 2, 6400 m, for some rest before going higher. The weather window has moved a little since the last report and we will have to stay a longer period in the high camps […]
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