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Alpinism: Grand Capelet – Couloir Diagonale

It becomes really hard to find some snow in the South of the Alps. There are almost nothing below 2400 m and a very few Couloirs and gullies are still in condition, except in some North and West faces. Today I climbed the Diagonale route (AD, 300m) in the West face of Grand Capelet (2935 […]
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Trail: Bairols – Ilonse

Anna and I went back to the Valley of TinĂ©e to find a new Trail between the nice villages of Bairols and Ilonse. The Trail we chose was technical and in bad shape, especially on the way to Ilonse where there are lots of dead trees and rocks. The section between Col de la Sinne […]
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Trail: Les Calanques – Cassis – Marseille

Philippe and I were a little bored of our own playground here in the CĂ´te d’Azur and decided to go two hours West and visit Les Calanques by Marseille. We left Nice with a full packed car: climbing gear, trail running gear and our camera. View from Paroi des toits (© Philippe Gatta) Saturday was […]
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Alpinism: GĂ©las – West Couloir

Sunday Anna and I went to the Madone de Fenestre to climb the West Couloir (II, AD / 3, 300m) of GĂ©las (3143 m). The snow starts above 2300 m and after several weeks of rather warm weather, the snow is pretty hard. The conditions in the West Couloir were rather good in the first […]
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Alpinism: Mont Ponset – Mont Neiglier

Today I went back to the Madone de Fenestre to climb the Couloir DĂ©laissĂ© (300m, 45-50° max) in the Southwest face of Mont Ponset (2828 m). The conditions in the Couloir were not too bad but with the current temperature the snow won’t last long. Then I climbed down the Southeast face and since it […]
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