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Summer hikes and trails

Lucky with the weather, I had a busy summer leading clients in the Massif. It is now time to sort out the photos, walk less and run more… ;-) Glaciers, Mont-Blanc Massif (© P. Gatta)
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Trail: around Tete des Fours (Mont-Blanc Massif)

Long day in the hill today leading clients in the Southeastern part of Mont-Blanc Massif. We have been rewarded with amazing colors and views. Jovet Lake (© P. Gatta)
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Alpi-Trail: Crochues Traverse (Aiguilles Rouges)

The Crochues Traverse is one of the most classic scrambling of the Aiguilles Rouges. After a quick climb, we switched to trail running to Col des Montets and Argentière, enjoying a full day outdoor. View from the top of Aiguilles Crochues (© P. Gatta)
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Alpinism: Aiguille du BelvĂ©dère – Baisers Orageux (Aiguilles Rouges)

Last year Anna and I climbed Mariage de la terre et du vent at Aiguille du Belvédère and we enjoyed it. This year we are back there to try another Michel Piola’s route; Baisers Orageux. Anna at the top of 3rd pitch Baisers Orageux (© P. Gatta)
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