Finally some news!

Anna (me), just arrived to Kathmandu after a beautiful trek up to Oktang, 4800m (just below the south base camp) where I left the expedition to head down again. We had some issues with lack of porters and the expedition team is still missing their communication stuff. We haven’t been able to communicate at all since we left Kathmandu.

Gorgan’s girl friend, who got a call from his sat phone,  left me a messages though yesterday saying that the whole team is well and start a 6-day tour up the mountain today, I assume up to camp 1 and to leave some gear. That means we are left without news again, but below you have a report on the trek from Tharpu-Oktang.

Gorgan Wildberger. Photo: Anna Gatta

Gorgan Wildberger. Photo: Anna Gatta

More information on Kangchenjunga expedition

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