Climbing: Peillon Cave

Saturday we went back to Peillon’s cave for the first time since spring last year. After the heavy rain of this winter many routes are still wet but there’s still enough to do. I made a desperate attempt in Le Souffle du Vizir (8b+) which is a combination of A bout de Souffle (8b) and Vizir (8a+). I fell totally pumped in the upper hard section of Vizir that I still haven’t figured out. Anna tried Y’a pas d’arrangement (8a) but there are still too many wet holds, then she sent Batman (7c+).

Philippe in Philippe in A bout de Souffle, 8b (© A. Gatta)
Philippe in A bout de Souffle, 8b (old photo) (© A. Gatta)

Routes: 38 routes from 6c to 8c. See information and topo of Peillon

Peillon's cave (© Philippe. Gatta)
Peillon’s cave last Saturday in a gray and cold day (© P. Gatta)

Routes dry: A bout de Souffle, Vizir, Saharaga, Tout reste à faire, La discrète and the routes on the right of Guerre du feu.

Anna in Y'a pas d'arrangement, 8a (© P. Gatta)
Anna in Y’a pas d’arrangement, 8a (old photo) (© P. Gatta)

Trying to figure out the end of Vizir (© A. Gatta)
Trying to figure out the end of Vizir (© A. Gatta)


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