4 Deserts: Gobi March – Stage 6

Gobi Race: 6th Stage, 16.4 km.

The last stage was only 16.4 km but it was tough. We were all tired by 7 days of race, altitude, heat, heavy pack, stomach problems, sore muscles… We all said before the start that we will go slowly but… when the race started, everybody ran like crazy trying to improve his/her ranking. Once again I ran with John, helping each other; him to reach the 6th position and me to keep the 3rd one.

Gobi March: end of the long stage (© P. Gatta)
Gobi March: end of the long stage (© P. Gatta)

We ran the 16.4 km in 1h15 which felt more like 5hr to me. I finally kept my 3rd place overall and John finished 6th, just 1 minute ahead of George after 250 km or race !

Anne-Marie is 4th and 1st women once again! Justus is 5th. It has been a real pleasure to run this race you guys.

It has been also super fun to share the tent #3 with Fabrice, Cécile, Frederic, Bradley Bull, Nicolas, Dan, Youssed and Sanya.

Thank you all for your emails and comments. Special Thanks to Berghaus and Suunto. Now I have to sort out 400 photos and footage… 🙂


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