Trail: Menton – La Manda

Sunday Anna, Alex Chabot and I left Menton for two different Trail’s. We ran all together up to the Col de Castillon, then Anna went back to Menton through the village of Sainte-Agnès while Alex and I continued toward the North to Luceram and then finished at La Manda. This 65 km Trail crosses 12 passes, several valleys and villages of the Alpes Maritimes and it is a perfect training for Ultra Trails.

Sunset on Roccassièra and the Alps (© Philippe Gatta)
Sunset on Roccassièra and the Alps (© P. Gatta)

There are different sections along this Trail, the start up to the Col du Berceau is technical and steep (+1000m for 7.2km), the following 10 km are still rather technical and rocky up to the Col de Castillon. Then there are easier sections up to Luceram and Coaraze and again some technical trail around the end.

Menton – La Manda

Distance: 65 km, ascent: 3730m / descent: 3665m.

GPS Track recorded with Suunto Ambit: GPS Track

Menton from le Berceau (© Philippe Gatta)
Menton from le Berceau (© P. Gatta)

Description: start at Menton (train station) and follow the GR 51 to the Col du Berceau (thru Castellar). Then follow the GR 52 to Colla Bossa and Col du Razet (90). Go to down to the Col de Castillon (92), then up to the Col de Ségra. Continue to the Baisse du Pape (115) and Col de Braus (69, 68, 64, 63). Follow the GR 510 to Luceram (176, 175, 173, 172, 171). Go up again to Baisse de Marsan (228, 229, 230, 227). Cross the Baisse de Buse and descend to Plan de Linea (242, 222). Climb to Coaraze (221, 220), follow the road to La Lave and go to the Col de Rosa (210, 209). Go down to the D19 road and then up to Colla Partida. From there, follow the GR 5 to Aspremont and then the GR 51 to Colomars and La Manda.

Anna at Col du Berceau (© Philippe Gatta)
Anna at Col du Berceau (© P. Gatta)

Menton – Col de Castillon – Menton

Distance: 30 km, ascent: 1800m / descent: 1800m.

Alex after Col de Braus (© Philippe Gatta)
Alex after Col de Braus (© P. Gatta)

Description: same as above until the Col de Castillon (92). Follow the trail/dirt road toward the South to Peyre Grosse and nice village of Sainte-Agnès. Go down on a steep trail to Orméa, Col de Garde (close to the road D223), Les Castagnins, Le Borrigo and back to Menton.

Philippe at Baisse de Marsan (© Alex Chabot)
Philippe at Baisse de Marsan (© Alex Chabot)


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