Trail: Gorges du Loup loop

Continuing the training for the Ultra-trail of Mt. Fuji, Anna and I added 43.5 km of Trail today to an already long week. We have been slow despite the pleasant weather and a good trail. We made a long loop going up and down in the the Gorges du Loup as a recce for next week photo shoot with Berghaus. This trail is very scenic, crossing the nice villages of Gourdon, Cipières and Courmes and it is worth doing, the only small issue is the last 5 km along the D3 road but that could be avoided by following the GR51 back to Pont du Loup.

Anna on Plateau de Calern (© Philippe Gatta)
Anna on Plateau de Calern (© Philippe Gatta)

Distance: 43.5 km, ascent: 1800m / descent: 1800m.

Philippe below Gourdon (© Anna Gatta)
Philippe below Gourdon (© Anna Gatta)

GPS Track: GPS track of Loop in Gorges du Loup

Courmes watefall (© Philippe Gatta)
Courmes watefall (© Philippe Gatta)

Description: park at Pont du Loup and climb to Gourdon along the Chemin du Paradis. Continue to climb to the Col de Cavillore. Stay along the nice ridge to Colle de Rougies and then to the Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur. Then follow the GR4 to Cipières (B181, 160, 25). Go down to the D3 (24, 173, 174). Stay on the road up to the Tourounet (175) and follow the trail to St Barnabé (176, 170, 152, 153, 155). Go down to Courmes along the GR51 and then to Bramafran. Two options there; either run along the road to Pont du Loup (5km) or follow the GR 51 (several tunnels) and back down to Pont du Loup through the Chemin du Paradis.


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