Climbing in Mesa Verde, Alcatraz and Chouchou Place

February has been quite sunny in the French Riviera, offering good conditions to climb outside.

Chouchou Place (© P. Gatta)
Chouchou Place (© P. Gatta)

I have been lucky to climb in Mesa Verde, Chouchou Place and Alcatraz near La Turbie, sending 9 routes on-sight up to 7c and a couple of 8a’s.

Here is a personal opinion of the « new » routes that I climbed in Mesa Verde:

  • Beer Fest, 7b+, ***, very nice despite some loose rocks at the beginning.
  • Pas de bras, pas de ski avec les nicois, 7c, ***, very nice endurance route.
  • Carnage Forest, 8a/+, **, nice with a bouldery end.
  • Tonio saucisse, 8a version, **, nice traverse, technical and frustrating end.

Mesa Verde (© A. Gatta)
Mesa Verde (© A. Gatta)

In Alcatraz:

  • Faut pas les avoir trop mou, 7b, **, nice powerful start and technical end, soft for the grade.
  • Trop facile pour les écureuils, 7a+, ***, nice.
  • C’n’est pas classique, 7b+, ***, fun and very unusual.
  • Voleur de voies, 7c, ***, very nice, not so easy on-sight.
  • Mont Fantasme, 7c+, **.
  • Face Man, 7a+, *, technical.
  • Men in Black, 7b, *, to try when you have done everything else…
  • Le circuit pro, 7b+, **.
  • Gramonet assis sur un tapis volant, 7b, ***
  • Sandric au mastic!, 7a, *, hard to read.
  • Richoux, where are you?, 7b, ***, hard for the grade.
  • Le 7a Berhault, 7b+, ugly route.
  • Yoda, 7a, *, very bouldery.
  • La compète des poulettes, 7a, *
  • Lopette brownie, 7a+, **.
  • Philosophe antiartiste, 7a+, *.
  • Mort de points Total, 7b+, **.
  • Fréquence Mamouth, 7a+, **.
  • Le mur c’est dur, 7a, **.
  • Velcro humain total, 7c, **.
  • Les points de Grenouille, 7b+, **.
  • Les Bidochons au petit palais, 7b+, ***.
  • Le 8a pour les nuls Total, 7c, **.
  • De l’acide dans les idées, 7b+, ***.
  • La technique de l’homme ivre, 7a+, **.
  • Alcatraz (© A. Gatta)
    Alcatraz (© A. Gatta)


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