4 Deserts: Gobi March – Stage 2

Yesterday I finally could get a good night of sleep, the first one since I left France. Still, I was not feeling so well this morning, we woke up at 6h, 2hr before the start but I managed to arrive late to the briefing, half dressed…

I started this second stage of the Gobi March very slowly, I felt so crap that my hope was just to finish. As we started going uphill for 5 km, the pace was slower than yesterday for everyone which was good news. I passed the 1st check point in 20th position, then we entered the red canyons (called “Mars” for obvious reasons), the terrain was rough, the scenery amazing which boosted me. I passed 14 runners in the canyons. Then I got lost for a while just 1 km away from the last check point. I lost sight of the flags looking at my feet to not fall due to the rocks but that didn’t change the ranking.

Gobi March stage 2 in the red Canyons (© P. Gatta)
Gobi March stage 2 in the red Canyons (© P. Gatta)

Most of the stage was scenic, more technical except the last 9 km of a paved road! Fortunately the views overs the Mountain Range behind were gorgeous. Like in Atacama, it is funny to run in this hot environment with big snowy mountains in the background. I am also excited to think that in about 7 weeks I will go just 250 km North in Kirghistan to climb Khan-Tengri (7010 m) with two friends.

Anyway I finished 5th today, it is just afternoon, so I avoided the heat and I have plenty of time to eat, drink and rest. I feel better than yesterday, I hope it will stay that way. Tomorrow should be technical again (I hope) with 1200m of elevation gain, ending at 2500m. No more dirt flatish road pleeeeease.

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