BC – Frozen lake (5150m) – BC

It didn’t snow in the last 24h, that’s the first time since we are here. Unfortunately the weather forecast for the next 7 days is not good enough for a summit push. After the next 2 days of good weather, the wind will pick
up again in high altitude, then thunderstorms and snow showers are expected until the 12th. We hope that the weather will improve afterward so we can go for the summit. In the meantime there is nothing to do…

So Alexia, Ludo, Ben and Gorgan have decided to go down to Ramche (4600m) to facilitate the recovery after the week spent in high altitude. Their plan is to come back to BC the around the 9th or the 10th, depending on the weather forecast.

Jean-Marc, Regine and Cedric should move from C2 (6400) to C3 (7300) today and spend 2 nights there to finish their acclimatization. They didn’t reach the C3 with us last time, that’s why they have to make another
acclimatization trip there.

Pemba is leading the Sherpas team to finalize the load carries to C3 and put up the camp 4 at 7700m. Most Sherpas from other teams are doing the same. Then they will go back down and we all be ready for the summit push.

So for the next few days I’m alone in BC with the cook and his assistent. I feel good so I didn’t want to go down to Ramche. I do not need to go back to high camp either as my acclimatization is ok (O2 sat at 84%). So instead I stay at BC and every morning I go for 1-2h walk to stay in shape. Yesterday I went up to 6000m along the slopes to C1 (+550m, 2h round trip). This morning I went down with Alexia, Ludo, Ben and Gorgan until the frozen lake at 5150m, then they continued their long walk to Ramche, while and I went back at BC (+300m, 20min down, 30min up).

For now the sun shines, it’s very warm and it would be lovely to stay in teeshirt, unfortunately we would burn. We’ll see if the snow comes back this afternoon…

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