Rest day at BC

Yesterday Jean-Marc came back to the base camp shortly after I sent the dispatch. He was in camp 2 trying to reach C3 for his acclimatization but it snowed 50cm the night before, burying all the tents. It was cold and too hard to break the trail so he decided to go down. Today Jean-Marc and I stayed at BC to rest, sleep and eat, enjoying a nice but windy day.

Jean-Marc. Photo: Anna Gatta

Jean-Marc. Photo: Anna Gatta

Most Sherpas are still going back and forth between C2 and C3 to carry the loads. Cedric and Regine moved their C3 tent from 7000m to 7200m. 200m hardly gained in knee deep snow. Ben, Ludo, Gorgan and Alexia are still in Ramche and all seems good for them.

The Russians team left for a summit push 2 days ago but at far as I know they are stopped at 7300m by the deep snow and high wind.

Nobody has established a C4 yet. From 7300m to 7700m (C4) there is wide plateau with some crevasses and seracs which makes very difficult to find the way. Plus there’re loads of snow and the plateau is quite exposed to the wind. The C4 should be set a the base of a Couloir leading to a Col between the Yalung Kangch and the main summit of Kangchenjunga. On the summit day, we’ll climb this Couloir up to 8250m, then travers right toward the hard wall, the Chimney and the final slope.

The next two days should remain clear but very windy too, then unfortunately the 3 next days should be snowy and stormy…

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