Lac du Clapier

With all the fresh snow I went to St Grat in the Gordolasque valley for the first time this season. I planned to go up to Mt. Clapier (3045 m) but the weather didn’t cooperate. The clear sky and -10°C turned into big snow fall with a lot wind. I turned back below the Lake of Clapier and came back to the car with help of the GPS. I didn’t meet anybody except lots of chammies.

Distance: 10 km, ascent: 850m / descent: 850m.

Valley of Gordolasque (© P. Gatta)
Valley of Gordolasque (© P. Gatta)

Description: park at St Grat at the last parking of La Gordolasque. Go toward the lake de La Fous (signpost 411, 412, 413, 414, 415 and 417). Continue toward the Refuge de Nice but turn left toward Clapier before the refuge. CLimb along the vallon du Clapier up to the lake and further to the peak itself.

Lake de La Fous, Nice hut and Clapier (© P. Gatta)
Lake de La Fous, Nice hut and Clapier(© P. Gatta)

Chammy (© P. Gatta)
Chammy in the snow (© P. Gatta)

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