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Trail: Ferion – Autaret – Utelle

As I made a lot of ski touring and Alpine ascents in the past months, I really wanted to do some trail running again. I chose a trail of 38 km with +2700m of ascent, not far from Nice. I took a very light pack hoping that I could run most of the time and […]
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T̻te des Portettes РMotivation Encaiss̩e

I wanted to climb a gully called Motivation Encaissée in the North face of Tête des Portettes (2823m). Bad idea, it was a sunny day, no wind but way too warm, with a freezing level at 3600m. The conditions in the gully were bad; soft melting snow and a bit of fragile ice. I climbed […]
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Ski alpinism: Mont Ponset РCouloir Oubli̩

Once again it rained up to 2400 meters two days ago which has melted the snow below 1500 m and froze the snow at high altitude. With the wind and snow falling, today I was not expecting a perfect day in the Mountains. Anyway I headed up to the Madone de Fenestre for ski touring […]
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Ski touring: Cime de Guilie

Second day of ski touring this weekend. This time Anna and I went to the Boréon to climb the Cime de Guilié (2999 m). Like in Gialorgues, the snow has melted below 1700 m and it’s frozen above, so very good conditions to go up either in ski touring or snowshoes. Perfect weather where we […]
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Lac du Clapier

With all the fresh snow I went to St Grat in the Gordolasque valley for the first time this season. I planned to go up to Mt. Clapier (3045 m) but the weather didn’t cooperate. The clear sky and -10°C turned into big snow fall with a lot wind. I turned back below the Lake […]
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Snowshoes: Baus de la Frema

Winter is here; it snowed 30cm last night, enough for a 15 km hike with snowshoes. I left St Martin Vesubie (1050 m) in a snowy weather and went up to the Baus de la Frema (2246 m). The snow starts at around 1400 m. Distance: 15km, ascent: 1230m / descent: 1230m. Valley of Vesubie […]
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Trail: St Martin Vesubie – Cime de la Palu – Prals

Great trail running in Mercantour National Park. This trail starts at the village of St Martin Vesubie and follows the crests of Cime de la Palu (2132m), Cime de Fuon Freja (2334m), Mont Lapasse, Tete de la Lave, Cime de la Valette de Prals (2496m) and Cime the Montjoia (2366m). Then it goes back to […]
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Trail: Plan du var – Mont Ferion – Utelle – Mont Vial

This difficult and long trail running offers outstanding views over the French Riviera. It starts with the ascent of Mont Ferion (1412m) and Col de l’Autaret (1308m), then goes down in the Vesubie valley, goes up to Utelle, down to Tinee Valley before traversing Mont Vial (1541m) from North to South. Overall the trail is […]
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Trail: Boreon – Cime de Agnelliere – Trecolpas

This weekend we made a short Trail around the Boreon (Mercantour Park). We left the Vacherie of Boreon (1660m) and went up to the Pas des Roubines (2106m) and all the way to the Cime de l’Agnelliere (2700m). Then we went down to the Pas des Ladres (2448m), the lake of Trecolpas and back to […]
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