Update from base camp

At 8am we had our radio call with Regine, Cedric and Pemba who were at the C3 (7200m). They had a bad night; cold (-20°C in the tent with 4 people) and very windy. As forecasted, a strong wind has blown all night long and is still blowing. From the base camp we can see a big plume on each peak.

They couldn’t go any higher in these conditions. So everybody went back to the BC. A few tents has been damaged by the snow. The camp 3 is set but not camp 4 yet. More than 5 Sherpas, part of the Russians team, Christian Strangl and the Swiss have tried to break the trail on the plateau but there’re way too much snow and it’s very difficult to figure out the way. So we won’t have the time to set the C4 before the forecasted storm (May 11-13). After that we hope to have a few days of good weather of our summit bid. That means we will have to make the camp 4 as we go for the summit. This is not ideal but it looks like we have no choice.

So Regine, Cedric, Pemba, Dawa, Phudorjee and Tendi are back at the base camp. Same for all other teams.

Alexia, Ludo, Ben and Gorgan are still on holiday at the Ramche “Resort” (4600m). It’s 4000m below the Kangch’ summit so at some point they’ll have to go back up. :-)

After a rest day yesterday, Jean-Marc and I decided to train today. Jean-Marc went to the frozen lake (5150m) and I walk up to 6000m again. Good reward; we had Pastas and a Coke for lunch. A day without Dalbat and snowfall is a great day, we still have a bloody wind though…

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