Topo Chouchou place

Here is an updated version of Chouchou Place topo (Gréolières). I added personal comments and stars for the routes I climbed. The routes are very well bolted and have two bolts with chain at the anchor.

Chouchou place, Gréolères (© A. Gatta)
Chouchou place, Gréolères (© A. Gatta)

Topo Chouchou place
1. ?, 6c+ ***. 37m / 18 quickdraws. Lose rock at the beginning then nice endurance route.
2. L1, 6c+ **, technical and sustained. L2, 7a+ *, bouldery, easier for tall people.
3. Arc de Pierre, 6b **, nicer than it looks, 10 quickdraws.
4. Croissant brioche, 6b+, *, technical slab.
5. ?, 6a, ***.
6. Pollux aujourd’hui, 6b, **
7. M’en bati, 6c+, *
8. Lou soleu me fa canta, 6b+, *
9. Haut les pieds, 7a. *
10. Traversée du dessert, 6c+, *
11. Par ou t’es entrĂ© (start in 12, ends in 7), 7b, *, interesting start then confusing route.
12. Enfermé dehors, 7a+, ***, amazing route, sustained.
13. Mission Impossible, 8a, *. Lose holds at the beginning then amazing climb when reaching Chouchou.
14. Chouchou place, 7c, ***, bouldery crux then easier end.
15. ?, 7c+, ***, fantastic climb, a bit reachy move.
16. Pince moi fort mon petit, 8a, *, bouldery.
17. Les éléphants du PS sont vraiment pauvres, 6c, ***
18. Le mystère de la chambre d’hĂ´tel, 6c, ***, amazing route.
19. Mi fa cagua le Mt Blanc, 6c, **, technical.
20. Tata rosette : le retour (starts in 19, ends in 23), 6c, ***
21. Un guide dans les Ă©toiles, 7c/+, ***, two power endurance sections with a no hands rest in the middle.
22. LĂ©vitation digitale, 7c+. Haven’t tried it yet.
23. BSN perd toujours, 6c+, ***, bouldery crux.
24. La passion ne se dissout pas, 6b+, **, first bolts of 23, then cross right and up.
25. Ouand Mougli et Balou ne sont pas lĂ , Baghera Ă©quipe (starts in 23 and ends right of 26), 7a, *, rope drag.
26. ?, 7c+. Haven’t tried it yet.
27. Cho, tres cho, carbo ! 7b+ **, hard for the grade. Power endurance then full rest and technical finish.

PDF Version of the topo

Left side of Chouchou place, Gréolères (© P. Gatta)Left side of Chouchou place, Gréolères (© P. Gatta)

Central side of Chouchou place, Gréolères (© P. Gatta)Central side of Chouchou place, Gréolères (© P. Gatta)

Right side of Chouchou place, Gréolères (© P. Gatta)Right side of Chouchou place, Gréolères (© P. Gatta)

There are 8 routes at the extreme left of the cliff:
1. La France qui se lève tôt pour équiper L1, 6c+, L1+L2, 7c
2. Y’a pas de planète de rechange, 7b+
3. Les bénitiers des plaisirs, 7b+/c
4. Franca, 7b+/c
5. Copenhague du vent et du blabla, 7c
6. Droit comme un I, 7c
7 Jour blanc, 7b
8. Grande Crevasse, 7a+ *, loose rock.

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