Trail: around Mouton Anou

Mouton d’Anou (1078 m) is a weird name for a hill but anyway there is a nice trail around it starting in St Jeannet. Today I did it with 10 cm of fresh snow on the ground which is pretty unusual for a trail 15 minutes away from Nice.

Distance: 21 km, ascent: 980m / descent: 980m.

Snow on Mouton d'Anou (© P. Gatta)
Snow on Mouton d’Anou (© P. Gatta)

Description: start in St Jeannet (430 m) or at L’Auberge des 4 chemin at La Gaude (+1km and +-100m). Cross the village of St Jeannet toward Notre Dame des Champs (church), descend to the rock climbing site of La Source, continue on the same trail then go up to the Ruine (690 m). After the ruin continue and take left on the GR 51 at the signpost. Continue on the same trail, pass the signpost 15. Continue on the GR 51 up to the Gourbel (post 139, 140, 131). Continue on the trail and on a small road via the signpost 132, 133, 134, 135. Take the trail to the Mouton d’Anou (137, 138) then go back to St Jeannet through the Jas Jausserand (138a, 14, 13, 12).

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