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After the ascent of the Goulotte Bodin Afanasieff yesterday and a night in the Cosmique hut, Alex, Frederic and I left for the Couloir Macho on Mont Blanc du Tacul.

Mont Blanc du Tacul - Couloir Macho (© P. Gatta)
Mont Blanc du Tacul – Macho (© P. Gatta)

The approach to the base of the Macho Couloir is relatively short, 1 hour from the Cosmique hut.

On the way to the Couloir Macho (© P. Gatta)
On the way to the Couloir (© P. Gatta)

We passed the shrund on the right, crossed to the left and climbed the couloir staying close to the rocks on the right.

Couloir Macho (© P. Gatta)
Couloir (© P. Gatta)

The Couloir is graded 800m, IV, 2, 70°.

Alex in Couloir Macho (© P. Gatta)
Alex in Couloir (© P. Gatta)

The couloir was in very good condition (hard snow) and the exit was in grey ice.

End of Couloir Macho (© A. Chabot)
End of Couloir (© A. Chabot)