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For once, we left the Mont Blanc Massif and went to the Jura for trail in the Valserine area (Crêt de Chalam).

Overview of the Crêt de Chalam trail (© P. Gatta)
Overview of the trail (© P. Gatta)

We made a 19.5 km and +1,110 meters loop starting at Chezery-Forens.

Cascade des Etrés (© P. Gatta)
Cascade des Etrés (© P. Gatta)

Trail description: from Chezery-Forens, go to Forens and follow the Crêt de Chalam trail all the way to the top at 1,545 m (6.3 km from the start). The trail is almost entirely in the forest and quite steep.

Crêt de Chalam (© A. Gatta)
Toward the top (© A. Gatta)

Traverse Crêt de Chalam and descend toward the Northeast to the Borne au Lion.

Top of Crêt de Chalam (© P. Gatta)
Top of Crêt (© P. Gatta)

Continue the descent to Combet and turn left (North) to Pont du Diable (14 km from the start), follow the trail back to Chezery-Forens.