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This trail is one of the very few with 2000 meters of continuous climb in a relatively short distance (7.5 km). It starts in the Valley of Tinee, 6km after the village of St Sauveur sur Tinee at 670 meters. It goes in the forest, passes the Vacherie de St Sauveur and continues straight in the slopes up to the top Mont Saint Sauveur (2711m). Great views over the Mercantour, Isola 2000, Mont Mounier.

Distance: 15 km, ascent: 2040m, descent: 2040m.

Description: park the car close to the post 259 near to the dirt road going to Mollieres. Climb to the Vacherie de St Sauveur (post 259, 258, 257) then follow the crest to the top.